Creative Writing


Recent Submissions

  • Yun, Christopher (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    A short story collection comprised of works of fiction, both realist and speculative, engaging with themes of inadequacy, idealized love, and squalor, all threatening to crush the protagonists. These are stories with ...
  • Wimbish, Jason (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    This creative work explores rape culture in America by juxtaposing it with Greco-Roman Mythology and setting it in a world where recognizable tropes get turned on their heads. Its form is an experimental six-part series ...
  • Spilman, Margaret Anna (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Multiple generations of Appalachian women negotiate traditions of violence and an inheritance of magick as they try to keep themselves and those they love safe. Angeline, the youngest daughter of Cecelia, has disappeared ...
  • Spengler, Teo Carla (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    This is a collection of fiction and nonfiction pieces and poetry.
  • Telophase 
    Santos, Dominique Allison (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    T E L O P H A S E is a written creative work centered on applied philosophical thought written in prose poetry. It is a saga about a cat and a girl using themes from epics by Homer and Aeschylus to push forward a narrative ...