Creative Writing


Recent Submissions

  • Wyckoff, Justin Zachary (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    Think it’s bad now? BURST is a portrait of San Francisco on the brink. Lurid inequality, surging homelessness, and mass evictions have become the norm, while record high tides and whales beaching themselves on the city’s ...
  • Wilson, Steven Edward (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    This Written Creative Work consists of a collection of short stories.
  • Elijah 
    Wood, Cynthia Arhart (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    ELIJAH is a novel about Kealani Charles (Charly) Bancroft, an inventor and computer science genius, who breaks Silicon Valley’s rules by self-funding her new company and by keeping predatory investors and intrusive press ...
  • Panoptes 
    Wang, Monica (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    In a post-apocalyptic world consisting of two warring nations, sprawling across what used to be the Seleucid Empire, an individual bom of both nations struggles with where they belong in a world that continues to challenge ...
  • Lowman, Laura Magdalene (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    Redbud House is a feminist literary work that explores gothic tropes in order to both celebrate the female power inherent in the genre, and to expand that power. This novel also considers the process of grieving, and how ...