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  • I don't 
    Cunningham, Kacy (San Francisco State University, 2016)
    Codi Grace always wanted more from life than her friends: more adventure, more love, more experience. Dissatisfied with the mundane and ordinary, Codi, 22, travels to Europe where she hopes to better understand herself, ...
  • Crosson, Serena Nichole (San Francisco State University, 2014)
    This thesis addresses issues of representation and interpretation regarding the Chi-Rho monogram in the fourth century Romano-British villas from Hinton St. Mary, Frampton, and Lullingstone. The presence of the monogram ...
  • Corona, Claudia Rebecca (San Francisco State University, 2016)
    I investigate the effects of interannual to multidecadal climate variability on groundwater resources by exploring the physical processes in the vadose zone that partially control transient infiltration and recharge ...
  • Chu, Riley (San Francisco State University, 2016)
    The present study aims at identifying the relations of self-compassion, implicit theories of intelligence, and mental health outcomes among Chinese adolescents. Bivariate correlations, regression analysis, and structural ...
  • Chasey, Richard Adam (San Francisco State University, 2016)
    Characterization of soil seed banks (‘seed banks’ hereafter) are important to increased understanding of vegetation communities and can shed light on their true diversity as well as their response to and recovery from ...