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  • Avila, Briana Erin (San Francisco State University, 2018)
    Activists striving to create significant change whether social, political, or environmental must often navigate spaces and places using unconventional strategies and tactics. Activism asks us to put our bodies and ...
  • Loury, Hilda (San Francisco State University, 2018)
    I offer a taxonomy to situate various positions in the spectrum of feminist perspectives on both science and art. I defend the contention that feminist perspectives are crucially important for the empirical sciences ...
  • Hicks, Jack D. (San Francisco State University, 1971)
  • Loi-On, Levalasi Ane (San Francisco State University, 2018)
    This exploratory thesis seeks to describe the recent growth of Pacific Studies in San Francisco through the works and narratives of students and instructors. It looks at the content and pedagogy of Critical Pacific Islands ...
  • Martin, William (San Francisco State University, 1993)
    I begin The Birthplace of the Word, with the ancient Greek philosophers and their disagreement over the nature of the soul. I focus on the part of their definition of the soul which they term the "energetic soul," and ...