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  • Hamilton, Lee Richard (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    This is a Liberal-Peace argument that global free trade has been beneficial world-wide. Trade with China has been to the mutual benefit of both the United States and China. Pre-tariff data in the automotive sector from ...
  • White, Aaron David (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    Advances in cosmology over the last several decades have radically changed our understanding of the Universe. These discoveries offer a unique opportunity to connect and deeply engage students with authentic, rigorous ...
  • Werder, Brianna (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    Twitch.tv is a social media platform which originally marketed itself specifically for gamers but has more recently gained recognition as appealing to aspiring live streamers of all interests. Social media platforms have ...
  • Weinberg, Rachel Beth (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    Colonial, asexually reproducing organisms are typically treated as genetically homogenous entities composed of clonal units. However, processes such as fusion and somatic mutation may lead to the integration of multiple ...
  • Vengco, Timurhan Ecarma (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    This thesis examines authorship and identity through the player’s relationship with the avatars of God of War III and The Last of Us. God of War III allegorizes a poststructural understanding of authorship, as the game ...