Creative Writing


Recent Submissions

  • Weiss, Lenore Paula (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Pulp into Paper is about the struggle of Arkansas and Louisiana mill workers to tell the truth about what is happening in their work and personal lives. The book mirrors the choices we make between earning a living and ...
  • Wiseman, Presley James (San Francisco State University, 2018)
    A collection of poems and prose attempting to put a finger on the intersections of love, abuse, and the influences of adult-onset toxic masculinity and pervasive gender roles.
  • Schifrin, Daniel Ron (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    I will be writing a play, “Sweet and Sour,” that explores the themes of science, autobiography and audience response.
  • Gold 
    Smail, Brittany Elizabeth (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    GOLD compiles four separate poetry collections, each representing one of the many directions my work has taken over the course of my graduate studies. The first section, HOLOPHRASE, is a group of personal poems connected ...
  • Asylum 
    Reynolds, Dolly Sloan (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Asylum is a work of memoir regarding the two years I was institutionalized as a teenager in a large psychiatric hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. This is largely a work of nonfiction, involving memory and emotion as ...