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Recent Submissions

  • Michael, Suheir (San Francisco State University, 2007-12)
    This thesis analyzes Palestinian Literature following the Nakba, or the events of 1948 when Palestine was effaced from the map and the State of Israel was proclaimed. Because hundreds of thousands of Arabs living in ...
  • Yepez, Estrella Iclea (San Francisco State University, 2018)
    The aim is to discuss the basic laws in which fascism emerges. These basic guidelines, if you will, are determinant in distinguishing regimes and movements from being authoritarian, totalitarian, and in this case, fascist. ...
  • Yates, Devona C. (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Field surveys and empirical predation assays (i.e., tethering experiments) were conducted inside and outside of three no-take marine reserves, one established in 2007, and two 30+ years old in central California ...
  • Weiss, Lenore Paula (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Pulp into Paper is about the struggle of Arkansas and Louisiana mill workers to tell the truth about what is happening in their work and personal lives. The book mirrors the choices we make between earning a living and ...
  • Wiseman, Presley James (San Francisco State University, 2018)
    A collection of poems and prose attempting to put a finger on the intersections of love, abuse, and the influences of adult-onset toxic masculinity and pervasive gender roles.