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  • Hunter Jr., Darryl L. (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    This thesis builds on previous studies that have explored the relationship between work experience and job performance. The study assesses the impact of various experience measures and job performance outcomes (i.e., ...
  • Hummer, Charlotte (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Recycling water for drinking purposes, commonly referred as potable reuse, is currently under discussion as a way to diversify urban water supplies. A significant obstacle to implementing potable reuse is negative public ...
  • Hillyer, Shane Nicholas (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    In this thesis, I argue that knowledge is true belief where the believer is praiseworthy for the truth of that belief from an epistemic point of view. Praiseworthiness of an act necessitates a responsible agent. My account ...
  • Hiraeth 
    Hileman, Alandra Jean (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Over drinks in a pub, two strangers have a shocking revelation: they seem to know each other well and share memories of their past lives in the ancient mythic cycle of King Arthur. One believes that the myths are true ...
  • Higdon, Nolan Ray (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    This mixed methods dissertation explores the application of critical media literacy pedagogy in higher education. A review of the scholarly literature found that there are five hypothesized outcomes of a critical media ...