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Recent Submissions

  • Goldstein, Suzanne D. (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    This study investigates the effects of climate change on compound fluvial and coastal flooding using coupled hydrologic and hydraulic models to examine the changing physical characteristics and socio-economic impacts of ...
  • Janus 
    Ebashi, Ai (San Francisco State University, 2019-05)
    JANUS is a full-length play which portrays the moment o f the psychic disintegration o f the Roman God Janus and inner battles that ensue. It explores the themes o f gender, identity, duality, power structure and ...
  • Elhaderi, Jason K. (San Francisco State University, 2019-04)
    This thesis examines the state of quantum programming languages (QPLs) and QPLsby- extension, and presents one such Python-based QPL-by-extension called pypSQUEAK Orienting concepts from the twin threads of quantum ...
  • Craik, Isabel Sierra (San Francisco State University, 2019)
    This case study described the process used to teach narrative development to a 22-year old adult who benefits from AAC using the model of a community Storytelling Club that incorporated peer-confederates. Methodology for ...
  • Gorder, Kelsey Kathleen (San Francisco State University, 2019-05)
    This paper aims to explore the contradictory role of the piano in the lives of Victorian, middle-class women. The piano was both a potent symbol of middle- class prosperity and separate spheres ideology, and a dangerous ...