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  • Santos, Sharon Denise (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) have exceeding difficulties in county child welfare. Due to the all-consuming and devastating form of abuse endured by this population, they often differ greatly from minors ...
  • Reese, Keby Sheree (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    Carter & Lunsford (2005) report former foster youth enter adulthood with higher rates of unemployment, underemployment, and homelessness, in comparison to adults that do not have a foster care background. How can youth ...
  • Perez, Noreida (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    This qualitative study utilized ecological systems theory to explore how changes within the mesosystem and exosystem, through the utilization of trauma-informed practices, can impact the educational experience of ...
  • Kajioka, Trisha Fujie (San Francisco State University, 2017)
    This qualitative study uses photovoice and interviews to explore the concept of transgenerational trauma experienced by Japanese Americans. The study specifically looks at second generation Japanese Americans (U.S. bom ...

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